Monday, February 28, 2011

It's the little things..........

When I get woken up each morning with a cup of coffee from Hubby and wet kisses from my toddler.

When I receive the first cuddle of the day from my big girl; she snuggles into my lap, her head rests on my chest.

When my son is completely ready for school by 7:30 am - such is his eagerness to get there.

Watching my children greet their friends with glee and they rush off to frolic, make mischief and have fun.

When I'm outside in the garden watching my toddler play with delight, the sun shines, a light breeze blows and I enjoy the moment.

When my baby is tired and sucks on her thumb, playing oh, so gently with my hair. I tuck her into bed, she snuggles down and closes her eyes.

When Hubby comes home for lunch and puts the kettle on to make us a cup of tea, we eat lunch together and enjoy the last of the lemon meringue pie, his incessant chatter makes me smile.

When my son first sees me after his day at school and his whole face lights up and so does my heart.

My daughter cries after another difficult day and I wipe away her tears and silently remember doing the same when I was a little girl.

When we have cuddles and cups of tea every afternoon while we swap stories about our adventures.

When we snuggle in for our story time and I make up another crazy tale; my children's eyes are wide with excitement and they cry 'Tell us more Mum, Tell us more!"

They are tucked into bed after cuddles and kisses and they're safe and warm and look like little angels in the warm cocoon of sleep.

When Hubby and I sit and talk and relax all while holding hands.

And I realise how lucky I am and I feel thankful for each and every day.

Life is fleeting.......embrace it while you can.


  1. I miss you lovely lady! You've bought a tear to my eye. You are always so sunshiny and I admire you for that x

  2. Thanks so much Tam! We all miss you too & your beautiful girls! xx


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