Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hi There.......

What's that sound?? That strange, creaking tapping sound? Oh yeah, it's my fingers on the keyboard. It's been about a hundred years since I last wrote anything (or more accurately 3 years....but who's counting?)
     I'm suprised that when I pulled the crusty old laptop out of my bag I didn't get attacked by a flock of rabid moths (do moths live in flocks? Or is it a herd of moths? A pack of moths? I'm going with flock......flock sounds good)
  Anyway, off on a tangent already. I feel terribly guilty that I have let my passion for writing diminish. I feel rusty, slow and out of shape, like all of my creativity has dried up or taken off on a very long holiday.
   But a few things have been calling me back to my little corner of cyberspace. I have been writing a little bit in secret. Just a scribble here and there, but when I get a teensy space of time to myself (and I'm not lying, any moment to myself is fleeting) my hands itch for paper and pen. Then a friend told me that they really miss my blog, that I always made her laugh with my descriptions of our crazy life. Hubby then topped it off by telling me I should write again (yup, he's still here, poor bugger)
    Hmmmm, I pondered, is the Universe trying to tell me something? Should I write again? So I popped onto my poor, neglected blog and had a look around.
  And she's exactly the same as she was, my old friend. Sure, she's slightly overgrown with weeds, disheveled and in the need of a good makeover. But a little bit of love an injection of sunshine and I'm sure I can make her glow again. And maybe, just maybe she can inject a bit of joie de vivre into this old writer.
    In my hiatus quite a few things have changed; The children - my terrific, tedious and terrible tribe are essentially the same personality wise. Just bigger.......more stubborn.......and not as cute. Sure, they still light up my life, but each day presents a range of challenges and disasters, just to keep on my toes....and slightly loopy.
   Hubby and I are older, a bit more wrinkled, just a little more worn and happy.....bursting with happiness.....just an exhausted kind of happiness.
   Our house is the same. A mess. Infact if it's humanely possible it's even more of a mess (I'll tell you why in a minute, and no, it's not because I'm lazy, although that is also true)
Toys occupy almost every surface, crumbs litter the floor, sand is embedded in my carpet and Mt Kosciwashko still takes pride of place in my walk in wardrobe.
     The big change is that I went back to work. Yup. You heard it. Work. Me. My life of leisure (Ha!) and luxury (HaHa!) is over and I am officially a WAHM. And guess what? I love it? I opened my heart and my home to a lovely group of little people and set up my own daycare. And it's perfect. It's messy, it's loud, it's funny and I have a life full of unconditional love and just a bit of mayhem. My kids are 'big brothers and sisters' to my daycare kids and our world bumps along nicely.
  So somewhere in the middle of this crazy town madhouse I hope to recapture a bit of my old creativity, recreate some of my favourite stories and reignite the fire that is this (neglected) passion of mine.
     Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck Lene (sorry, I thought I'd already commented on this!). Really good to see you back, I hate it when people disappear. I hope you do find some time to come back a little more often xx

    1. Thank you Sarah!!! Trying my best to get back into it!! Hopefully it will become a regular habit again soon. Xx


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